Online and Searchable Resources for Topics Related To Adrian, Michigan, listed in chronological Order of publication:

Aerial View Map of Adrian, Michigan, drawn and published by A. Ruger, 1866.

Adrian City Directories, including years 1870, 1874, 1885, 1890, 1911, 1915, 1921.  Additional Adrian City Directories are available in the Archives of the Lenawee County Historical Museum and in the History Room of the Adrian Public Library.  

Combination Atlas Map of Lenawee County, Michigan, 1874

Combined Atlases of Lenawee County, Michigan: 1874, 1893, 1916 (Reprinted in 1974)

Whitney, W. A., and R. I. Bonner, History and Biographical Record of Lenawee County, Michigan..., Volume 1, 1879, and Volume 2, 1880

Portrait and Biographical Record of Lenawee County, Vol. 1, 1888 

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, 1888

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, 1893

Lenawee County Directory for 1897. Additional Lenawee County Directories are available in the Archives of the Lenawee County Historical Museum and in the History Room of the Adrian Public Library.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, 1899.

Knapp, John I., and R. I. Bonner, Illustrated History and Biographical Record of Lenawee County, Mich., 1903

Adrian, the home city of all Michigan : a picture book for the home comers and others, 1907

Memoirs of Lenawee County, Michigan, Richard Illenden Bonner, editor, 1909

Julieanna Frost, Images of America: Adrian, 2011

Books on American House Architecture (*Recommended)

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Books About Adrian And Lenawee County 

Lindquist, Charles. Lenawee County: A Harvest of Pride and Promise: An Illustrated History. Chatsworth, CA, 1990 (ISBN-13: 978-0897813372).

_____. Adrian: The City that Worked: A History of Adrian, Michigan, 1825-2000. Adrian: Lenawee County Historical Society, 2004. Available through Boundary Post Books.

Publications for Sale at the Lenawee County Historical Museum (

  • $1.00      Adrian ‘Sesqui’ Memories, 1975
  • $10.00    Pathways to Knowledge by Ruth E. Sherman, 1988
  • $14.00    Lenawee Reflections by Charles Lindquist, 1992.  Articles about local history that appeared in the Adrian Daily Telegram in 1988 and 1989
  • $12.00    The Teeter & Wobble by Bob Sell and Jim Findlay, 1993
  • $5.00      Lenawee in World War II by Charles Lindquist, 1996
  • $9.00      Early Adrian by AAUW, 1999
  • $10.00    The Antislavery-Underground Railroad Movement in Lenawee County, Michigan 1830-1860 by Charles Lindquist, 1999
  • $20.00   Spanning the Years: A History of Blissfield, MI, 1824-1999 by Charles Lindquist, 2000
  • $15.95    Wreck on the Wabash: The 1901 Railroad Disaster in Lenawee County, Michigan by Laurie Dickens, 2001
  • $25.00    Night of the Wind: The Palm Sunday Tornado of April 11, 1965 by Dan Cherry, 2002
  • $12.00    4th Michigan Infantry at the Battle of New Bridge, Virginia by Martin Bertera, 2003
  • $20.00    Adrian: The City That Worked, A History of Adrian, Michigan, 1825-2000 by Charles Lindquist, 2004
  • $10.00    The Early History of Clintonites by Frank L. Woodward, 2006
  • $20.00    Images of America: Tecumseh, The First Century by Kern Kuipers and Amanda Payeur, 2006
  • $15.00    Reflections: A Pictorial History of Lenawee County by The Daily Telegram, 2007
  • $25.00    Along the Trails on Michemanetue by Dan Cherry, 2009
  • $15.00    Yesterday and Today in Hudson by Ray Lennard, 2010
  • $15.00    Yesterday and Today at Devils Lake by Ray Lennard, 2011
  • $21.99    Images of America: Adrian by Julianna Frost, 2011
  • $40.00    Memories of Addison by Dan Cherry, 2013
  • $24.95    Old Barns and Country Skills in Southeast Michigan by Derek P. Brereton, 2013
  • $15.00    Yesterday and Today in Adrian by Ray Lennard, 2013
  • $21.99    Images of America: Blissfield by Bob Barringer, 2014
  • $12.00    Our Journey of Faith: Historical Sketches of St. Joseph Church [Adrian], 1863-2013 by Jan Richardi, 2014
  • $30.00    Fifty Years Later… April 11, 1965 The Palm Sunday Tornado by Dan Cherry, 2015
  • $18.00    Looking @ Lenawee by Jan Richardi, 2015. 77 of Richardi’s articles from the Lenawee County Historical Society newsletter

The SEEDS OF TIME Series booklets for sale at the Lenawee County Historical Museum (, $2.50 each:

  • Adrian at the Turn of the Century by Gertrude Miller Long—a view of Adrian in the late 19th and early 20th century
  • Fencing the World: Adrian’s PAGE in History by Jan Richardi—a brief history of the woven wire fence company that helped Adrian become the “Fence Capital of the World”
  • Sile Doty: Lenawee’s Most Notorious Outlaw by Jim Path
  • Early Vacations at the Lakes of Lenawee by Gertrude Miller Long—vacationing in the early 20th century, especially Devils Lake and Sand Lake
  • It’s Just Offal, being a sampling of complaints regarding olfactory annoyances in Adrian, Michigan, 1873-1916 by Jan Richardi—outhouses and other smelly things
  • That Ole’ Demon Rum by Jim Path—on the Temperance Movement
  • The Toledo War (and the Battle of Phillips Corners) by Jim Path—the battle which determined that Toledo would be in Ohio, not Michigan
  • The “Heavenly” Laura Haviland by Charles Lindquist—an overview of Aunt Laura’s work to aid slaves
  • The Adrian LION by Charles Lindquist—about one of three automobiles produced in Adrian in the early 20th century and how the Historical Museum got one in 2001
  • The Lenawee Homefront during World War I by Jan Richardi—some surprising similarities between 1917-1918 and 2001
  • Camp Williams: Adrian College and the 4th Regiment by Ray Lennard—the assembling of the MI 4th during the early days of the Civil War
  • George B. Horton and the Grange by Carolyn Holden—the role played by Horton in the state and county grange movement
  • Adrian’s “Angells” by Charles Lindquist—women in business, professional and charitable activities, 1900-1925
  • The Underground Railroad in Lenawee by Charles Lindquist—an overview of the work of Laura Haviland and the other Lenawee operators of the Underground Railroad
  • The PRINCE of Adrian by Jan Richardi—the story of the remarkable cocker spaniel Prince Tom who was a champion in both obedience and field trials
  • Welcome Home Again: Adrian's Home Comers Festivals by Jan Richardi—an overview of the five festivals held in 1905, 1906, 1907, 1909, and 1911
  • Adrian's Carnegie Library: An Ornament to the City by Jan Richardi—the story of how this structure, now the Lenawee County Historical Museum, was funded and built
  • Allan Pinkerton Comes to Adrian by Jim Path—Pinkerton solves Adrian's great train robbery of 1854
  • The LION Tamers by Bruce Wright—the story of how an Adrian automobile was discovered in the Australia bush

Maps for sale at the Lenawee County Historical Museum (

  • 1866 birds-eye view map of Adrian              $4.00 each or two for $7.00
  • 1889 birds-eye view map of Adrian              $4.00 each or two for $7.00
  • 1844 [?] map of Lenawee County                 $4.00
  • 1900 map of Lenawee County (in color)      $6.00